LightShot Leaks

Generate random LightShot links exploiting a well-known privacy leak.

LightShot Screen Capture Tool is a free software, do not use it...

DisclaimerLightShot Leaks is for demonstration purposes only and designed to highlight information security. Warning, images may be explicit, sensitive or contain scams, users disgression is advised. Note, the generate link may take a few seconds to load, please be patient.

Links will open in new tab, and display here.


Story: LightShot Leaks was inspired from a Linus Tech Tips video where Linus was reacting to TikToks. A user showed how anyone could easily access other peoples private photos. Curious, right? So I tried it and of course worked! After researching into it I found a Reddit post from ~2018 sharing the discovery, this was 4+ years ago. Clearly the developers don't care about patching this, so here's a public warning, don't use LightShot.

Program: Built on HTML with Python via PyScript and hosted on GitHub Pages. All program code is open-source via the GitHub Repo .

Author: Hi, I'm Ash an IT teacher, former web designer and I'm currently learning Cyber Security and Python Programming. Follow me @mrashleyball and visist the blog at for regular articles and the monthly newsletter.